There are so many obstacles between us and a healthy lifestyle, yet there are such important reasons to make the healthiest choices. I used to run from the difficult realities – hide my head in the menu long enough to rationalize the fried, nutritionally-void entrees; refuse to recognize the symptoms of deficiencies; and just plain kid myself that making healthy changes in my life would make me a social outcast. And then I had a child.

Once I had my first baby, my greatest fear was fully exposed – dying young. My Mom was only twenty-nine when she lost her fight with cancer, so I’m sure it’s a natural concern to have. Then, becoming a parent myself made me more sure than ever that I needed to be here on earth, feeling healthy and strong – a whole lot more than I needed to cling to my unhealthy habits.

Now that I’ve had years to adjust and two more children, I’m even more dedicated to learning and living healthy. It’s a full-time job, so I guess that means I have two. My official work is also health related, helping people balance their bodies and brains for optimum health at Peak Brain Performance in Columbus, Ohio. I love educating people about alternatives that can improve lives, and I will forever be a student as well. For these reasons, I want to share and continue learning through this blog. Please comment, ask questions and share.





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