Can’t Avoid Sugar Today? Here Are Some Tips to Recover

16 Apr

We all know sugar isn’t good for us, but it can be really difficult to avoid – especially on days like Easter! I try not to eat processed sugar on a regular basis, but there are some occasions that feature sugar as the focal point. Rather than lock myself in a closet and spend my holidays in solitude, I chose to participate in holidays, which may include an ocassional dessert. Instead of just accepting the aftermath of low energy, crankiness and not feeling well in general, I decided to investigate some steps I could take to offset my sugar intake and I’ve noticed a big improvement. Hopefully these tips will help you too.

  1. When you know you’re going to eat sugar, make sure to eat it with a good protein. This can help your body absorb the sugar more slowly and not have the crash that we commonly have after.
  2. Make sure to drink lots of water to support your kidneys in the processing and elimination of the sugar. Being hydrated before during and after your sugar intake is best.
  3. Eat a salad or lots of raw veggies. The fiber will help your body manage the sugar better and you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel after you eat a fresh, colorful salad!
  4. Apple cider vinegar has been proven in research studies to help the body manage sugar more efficiently, even in the case of diabetes. You can add a couple teaspoons to your salad with some olive oil as your salad dressing or put it in water (I have found it it be more palatable in hot water as more of a tea, but I’m not sure why.)
  5. Diatomaceous Earth has been found to help regulate blood sugar by promoting healthy function of the pancreas. A teaspoon of the fine powder can be added to water daily and can gradually be increased to a tablespoon for a healthy cleanse as well.
  6. Get moving! Daily exercise can improve circulation and help your body utilize glucose more efficiently.  Even if you take a brisk walk for ten minutes, it can put glucosecit its place – into the cells for energy!

These strategies are good for your blood sugar and supportive of overall health. I don’t recommend binging on sugar or even eating it on a regular basis, but when you do have sweets, these tips can help you rebound nicely! 


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