Why Do We Need To Detox?

11 Apr

Have you ever been doing something that takes some effort and in the middle of it you ask, “Why am I even doing this?!” I love that the brain is so smart that it can find an out for us – but there are some things we NEED to do, despite the effort they require. Detoxing is one of those things.

Some people say, “I was told our bodies are built to detox, so why would I need to do anything special?” Well yes, our bodies are built to eliminate waste daily through our intestines, kidneys, lymph system and even through our sweat. There are a few caveats to this statement though:

  1. Many of us don’t have the perfect detox genes that allow elimination of toxins to happen efficiently.
  2. Even those who have efficient detoxification pathways can be overwhelmed by too many toxins.
  3. There are certain types of chemicals that the body wasn’t built to recognize and eliminate, so they often get an opportunity to hide out in our cells.

 Another good question is, “Where do the toxins even come from?” We are exposed to toxins all the time as we breathe, eat and hydrate. Clearly, these are things we can’t stop doing, so we just need to do them more wisely.

In our air we find chemicals from fuel, synthetic products in our homes and cars, pollution, cleaning products and even artificial scents made to “improve our environment”. 

In food, we encounter chemicals through artificial ingredients, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, and organophosphate from genetically modified foods (GMOs). 

Two of the most common damaging chemicals in our water are chlorine and fluoride, but there are others that can cause problems when we drink tap water, shower or bathe in unfiltered water and even swim often in chemically treated water.

One more category worth mentioning is personal care. The soaps, shampoos, hair gels, deodorants, fragrances and cosmetics we use are a major source of chemicals. We absorb them through our skin and inhale them daily. 

So – What can we do about all these chemicals?! We really need to:

  1. Identify the toxins we can minimize. It doesn’t have to be done all at once, but you can gradually lessen your toxic load. (Check out my next article for specific steps to do this.)
  2. Create an exit strategy to clear the toxins you just can’t avoid – DETOX! (More details for this step will also follow.)
  3. Pay attention to your body and how you respond to certain chemicals. This will help you identify the ones you really need to avoid and it can help you recognize how often your body needs to do a detox.

I know – this doesn’t sound easy and it will clearly involve CHANGE, but you and your health are totally worth the effort!


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