Set Your Intentions & Get What You Want!

2 Apr

Have you ever joined a program, class or group challenge and after it’s over you think, “That was good information, I’ll have to remember that.” And then, back to your daily routine you go…

I’ve done it and I realized I wanted to have more to show for my time than a few pages of notes and a positive opinion of the organizer! And for the programs I offer, I really want people to experience amazing benefits.
So, when you’re starting a program, class or group challenge, take five to ten minutes to set your personal intentions:

1. Write down what you commit to do. Are you committing to a detox program, starting a workout plan or learning a new skill in a class series? (Example commitment: I am committed to complete this four-week detox program that starts on April 3rd.)

2. Now, determine what you want to get out of it. What’s in it for you and how do you expect it to make your life better? It’s a good idea to share these expectations with the people offering the content too; they are usually just as eager to see you benefit and can often adjust or add content. (Example: I want to have enough energy that I don’t have to take a nap or drink coffee mid-day, lose five pounds and eliminate the headaches and digestive issues I’ve been having.)

3. Share your commitment and expectations from steps 1 and 2 above with a friend or family member who will support and encourage you. Maybe they’ll even join you!

4. Make a plan to track your progress and success markers each week – or whenever you realize them! It’s important to recognize what works and what doesn’t so you can continue what will get you to your goal and maintain it. Use your planner, calendar or notebook; whatever is easiest to reference. (Example: When I stopped eating carbs I noticed an improvement in energy and fewer digestive issues. When this program is over, I know I need to continue to minimize carbs.)

5. What will you be risking if you don’t fully commit? This will help motivate you when things get challenging. (Example: If I don’t reduce my headaches and digestive issues I’ll miss out on events with friends and fear my health issues will become worse, preventing me from living the life I plan to live.)

6. Put your classes and reminders on your calendar. If there are specific challenges you expect, prepare by adjusting your schedule, removing obstacles/temptations and placing encouragement in strategic places. (Example: Schedule classes, shopping for fresh produce every couple of days and extra time to prepare new recipes on the calendar. Then remove junk food from your pantry and purchase the essentials for detox so you’re not caught off guard.)

This should get you headed right toward your goals! I hope these steps help you get the most out of your programs! 


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