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Are You Dehydrated?

7 Dec
Are You Dehydrated?

Are You Dehydrated?

Water is essential to health and it makes sense when you consider that our bodies are more than 60% water. Just the daily processes of breathing and elimination cause us to lose about 60 ounces of our body fluids each day, so replenishing is necessary. Many of us develop the ability to ignore our signaling for water, which can cost us. When we don’t have enough water, we get reminders from our body – but we think of them as annoying symptoms. Digestive issues, dry skin, headaches, constipation, and difficulty focusing are some of the hints we get, and if we don’t rehydrate, our organs are forced to scale back and make due with the supply of resources they get. Long-term, this can really strain the system and cause serious health issues.

There’s debate about the quantity of water we need to drink. It seems reasonable to start at a minimum of 60 ounces to replenish what we’ve lost, and increase when active or feeling thirsty. Our body weight plays a part too; the more we weigh, the more water we have, lose, and need to replenish. The latest research suggests half your body weight in ounces of water should be consumed each day. Believe it or not, there are limits to stay within so you avoid the uncommon effects of water toxicity. You don’t want to drink too much, too quickly or exceed about 100 ounces per day (see my previous post, “Healthy Hydration” for more details).

Of course, there’s the other critical question – What’s the best quality water to drink? Unfortunately, the most accessible resource to most of us – tap water, is not ideal. It typically contains contaminants and chemicals that distract the body (at best) and can even accumulate in the body and cause sickness or disease. So the short answer is, distilled or quality filtered water is much preferred over tap water. The longer, more detailed discussion will be posted soon. Please let us know what works well for you!


Empower Yourself With Essential Oils

4 Dec

When I started using essential oils with my family, I truly had no idea that I would soon rely on them. I am NOT a fan of chemicals, so it made sense to try the natural oils, but I wasn’t sure where to begin. I was overwhelmed by the oils I found in the stores; I knew the benefits of a few, but not many. And then there was the question of how to use them. So I bought a couple and carted them home with my groceries. I didn’t use them much, mostly because I didn’t fully understand their benefits.

After reading another study about the health dangers of chemicals, I started searching for a line of essential oils that were: pure and free of any fillers; approachable and easy to use; reasonably priced; from a socially responsible company that provides educational support. After almost three years of searching and trying different brands, I found a line that fits all my requirements. I ordered a kit from doTERRA that would offer a variety of therapeutic oils for the needs of my family. I paid about $175 (with shipping) for ten oils, and in the first month, I was able to address stomach aches, a plantar wart, headaches, sleep issues, back pain, abrasions, eczema, earaches and even an ear issue with my dog!

Once I saw how well the oils worked for my family and friends – and how much money they saved us in doctor visits and other medicines, I started talking with my clients about them. I teach people about brain health, and one of the last things I want is for my clients to be undermining their health with chemicals. A lot of times they don’t even realize they’re doing it, so having a natural alternative that’s convenient is a must in my opinion. Now, we offer classes on the use of essential oils, how to make personal care and household products with natural ingredients, and how to create an all-natural first aid kit. Essential oils have been an amazing health resource for us; if you don’t already use them, I encourage you to try!

Have any questions? Feel free to ask!

Healthy Hydration

3 Dec

We’re doing a Healthy Holiday Hydration Challenge all through December, (join us on Facebook!)
As we increase our water, one important question is: Can we drink TOO MUCH water?
Too much of anything can be bad for you, so the short answer is, “yes”. Basically, you don’t want to drink too much too fast – like chugging 30oz all at once. The huge influx of water can overwhelm the bladder and kidneys. Another risk is that too much water in a short amount of time could wash away sodium from the blood, which helps regulate the amount of water that cells absorb. Some of the symptoms of water toxicity include: dizziness, nausea, confusion, seizures, and even hallucinations. For people with healthy kidney and liver function, the occurrence of these symptoms is not common, but it’s important to drink responsibly!

– Consider this guideline: Drink half your weight in ounces of water, not to exceed 100 ounces in a day.
– Pace yourself and drink throughout the day.
– Make sure you eat nutritious foods to provide your body the vitamins & minerals needed.
– Listen to your body; if you feel like you’re not responding well to water, back off a bit.
– If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned, you may wish to contact a health professional.
– Avoid a major change in water intake until you speak to your health practitioner if you have a major health condition.

These tips should help you get the benefits of hydration without the rare symptoms of water toxicity. Here’s to your your health!

Listen to Your Body

3 Dec


We live in a time when things are fast and furious, with little time to manage our health. It may seem more efficient to pop a pill or ignore the symptoms and just keep rollin’, but in the long run, that’s a dangerous strategy.

It’s a lot like ignoring the fire alarm or even worse – removing the battery from the smoke detector because the siren is irritating. It’s SUPPOSED to be irritating! Symptoms are the body’s way of alerting you to a problem. We need to listen and ask ourselves, Are we:

Lacking something?


Overdoing something?

This is when you really have to listen closely to your body. You’ve recognized the symptom, now you need to determine the trigger. Where’s the fire? And – what started it? There are key areas that are common sources of trouble; paying attention to the time, intensity and frequency of symptoms can help identify the source of the problem. If you need help, there are health practitioners like me who can assist. Often – if you track your symptoms for a few weeks, you can identify the problem.

Then, you make changes. Keep in mind, healthy changes are good, but extreme changes can shake you up at first. Take it slow, especially if you’ve been dealing with multiple symptoms or even just one for a long time. Also – results don’t happen overnight, unless you’re really lucky! Give it some time to really start feeling consistent improvement.

Please don’t put off until tomorrow, the care your body needs today!