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Learning About Health

29 Apr

We all bring our work home with us at times, at least I think that’s normal. Please tell me it’s normal? Anyway, I do a lot of my research and reporting at home in the evenings. I’m really passionate about what I do, because it’s focused on improving health, so I often share fun facts with my kids. I figure they may retain a little – although they’re only ten, nine and five, so I’m not expecting that they absorb much of it.

Today I was making lunch while the kids were playing with their Littlest Petshop collection and I heard my nine-year-old say, “Oh no, she’s missing, I can’t find her and she has low iron. She may be so tired she won’t be able to get back home!” I guess they do remember some of the health topics I’ve mentioned!

I see this as an advantage I’m giving the kids that I didn’t have. I had an entirely different experience when I was a kid – learning what can happen when things really went wrong with health – and I felt powerless. My first memory of health related issues was when I was told my Mom was too sick to continue living. I was three, and I didn’t understand. Many years have passed since then, but I still can’t honestly say I understand how a vibrant 29-year-old woman got so sick. What I do know is that I want to prevent it from happening to others, whenever possible.

I encourage you to learn about your own health and the health topics that interest you. Oh – and it’s never too early to share health information with the kids in your life.

The best of health to you!