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Do We Really Need Probiotics?

5 Sep

One of the many products I’ve tried over the years is probiotics. Powders, capsules and liquids – for adults, for kids – even for my pets.  I really believe that probiotics are important for all of us. The signs that a person (or pet) could benefit from probiotics are when they experience digestive issues, intestinal challenges, frequent illnesses, fatigue, acne – if the diet includes fast foods or sugary treats, or if antibiotics have been taken. By taking probiotics, we’re replenishing the good bacteria that get destroyed over time. That good bacteria is responsible for killing the bad bacteria that invade our systems – preventing all the symptoms we want so desperately to avoid.

Which varieties are right for you? It’s really up to personal preference, current health, and dietary needs, but after trying several, I love the liquid – specifically Pro-Belly-Otics. I was researching the best options for myself and my three children when I came across Not only does the site have wonderful information, they offer a full line of products that support health. Since I started taking their liquid probiotics I’ve noticed an improvement in my immune function, my digestion, and even my skin looks clearer. Even better news is – my 4-year-old asks for his probiotic every morning!

Here’s to good health!